How to grill the perfect burger on your kamado style grill

So, I've tried cooking burgers at high temperatures to see if you could get a good sear but the taste didn't really have a pay off and there was too much room for error when cooking at 700+ degrees. It can go from medium rare to well done in a matter of seconds. Since the vents would need to be fully open to fuel the fire to that temp you would end up with flare ups which char your burger rather than sear. Whether you are using a green egg, kamado joe, or akorn, there is a better way...
I have found that cooking your burgers at 400 degrees will yield a tasty burger, minimize flare ups, add more smokey flavor and provide a bit more room for error.
Keep your hamburger in the refrigerator until ready to start. No need to warm these to room temp as you would a steak.
First thing I do is put the hamburger in a bowl and add some Worcestershire Sauce. Then I begin to form the patties. We are talking 1/3 lb patties here. If you go a little bigger or smaller you will want to adjust your cook times accordingly. Try not to work the meat any more than necessary otherwise the fat begins to melt, insert scientist here to explain..., and the end result is a less juicy burger.
After making the patties I generously season the top and bottom with a special hamburger rub.
Tip: Push a quarter size dimple in the center of your patty to help it keep it's flat round shape. Otherwise, burgers tend to turn into footballs because the moisture is drawn to the center as it cooks.
Next fire up that grill and maintain a 400 degree temp. Please check out my post for managing vents.
Once the temp gets to about 420 degrees, throw on some wood chips and give the grill a minute to get back up to temp. Then throw on the burgers and close the dome.
Once you see the temp get to 400 again, keep the daisy wheel fully open but slide the vent fully closed. There are quite a few factors here so you may need to slightly close or open the vent to maintain temp. This should all be done with the top vent while leaving the bottom vent fully open.
After 4 minutes pass, flip the burgers and close lid.
Cook another 4 minutes for a total of 8 minutes.
Open dome, add cheese, close top vent completely, close daisy wheel, and close bottom vent.
 Wait 1 min 30 seconds for medium rare. I normally throw the buns on grill for the last 45 seconds or so.
Take off grill and let rest lightly covered under tented tin foil, as you don't want it sticking to the cheese, for approx 5 min.


  1. Do you close the dome for the last 90 seconds (after the cheese goes on)?

    1. Yes, dome is closed along with all vents.


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