Kamado Grills

So what is a Kamado Style Grill? Basically it is a ceramic grill/smoker/oven that originated over in Japan thousands of years ago. Kind of looks like a big urn or a big egg, be it green or red. Popular examples include:
  • The Big Green Egg
  • Kamado Joe
  • Primo Oval
  • Grill Dome
  • Akorn
  • Big Steel Keg & Broil King Keg
  • Vision Grills
  • Komodo Kamado
Personally, I have a Kamado Joe and love it. It is pretty much identical to the Big Green Egg except the stand & shelves come included in the price.
Why do you want it?
The extra insulation of the thick ceramic makes it so that you don't need much fuel to maintain consistent temperatures. This is a big bonus to those that live up north. In other words, you can grill in the winter! These grills use lump hardwood charcoal rather than the briquettes. Lump hardwood charcoal burns at a higher temperature and has very little ash which is a big benefit. It also does a great job of maintaining moisture which helps to prevent any meat from drying out.
  • Easy to clean - You can get these grills up to 850-900 degrees which just obliterates any grease or bbq sauce into dust - Think of self cleaning oven
  • Can sear a steak at 650-700 degrees
  • Can smoke pork at 225 - 250 and maintain that temp for long durations
  • Maintain temperatures anywhere in between
  • Can cook brick oven type pizza's
  • Insulated so well that you can cook in the winter or even light rain.
  • Multiple platforms allow to cook indirect or direct and at different heights
  • Little to no ash from the lump hardwood so you don't need to clean out ash very often
  • Able to save money on charcoal by closing vents. This stops the coals from getting oxygen so you will only use as much charcoal as you need. Much will be remaining for the next cook.
  • Temperature control on my Kamado Joe is amazing. I can see immediate results when manipulating the vents/daisy wheel.
  • Looks cool
The recipes on this site are designed for Kamado style grills but can be adapted since I try to provide temp's and times whenever possible. Please take a look at my post on managing vents.

Here are some pics:


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