Smoked BBQ Chicken Wings

Making chicken wings on your kamado style cooker is really quite easy. This goes for a green egg, kamado joe, an akorn, or some other similar grill.
Take 6-8 wings and cut off the wing tips. Then  separate the little drummie from the flat. Generously apply rub and place into foil pan.

I used a basic chicken rub.
Place your heat deflector into the kamado grill in order to cook with indirect heat. Soak a few wood chips in water for 30 min or so. I prefer to use mesquite with chicken..

Heat the smoker up to 250, add the wood chips, and place pan into the smoker for 2 hours. Please check out my post for managing vents..

After 2 hours, remove pan from grill and brush on your favorite barbecue sauce. Place pan back into grill for another 15 minutes to set the sauce. We are just looking for it to get nice and tacky. This produced some very tasty wings!


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